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1 There A Dayz

2 Heaven Knows

3 Those Were The Days

4 Isms

5 Embrace

6 One Night Stand

7 A Simple Affair

8 Winter In Berlin

9 Song For Max

10 Crazy For Love

11 Cherrie Pie

12 My Man´s Gone

13 Someone Like You

14 Rocks In Me



digipac_blackkat_rev.inddBlack Kat and Kittens come from Berlin. An international squad. The singer Dvora Davis (Lorraine Lowe) was born in London.Her roots lie in Jamaica by her parents: Adam Sikora, Harmonica and Vocals comes from Poland and Simon Dahl – guitar, mandolin, violin and vocals comes from Germany. And how did they get together? Adam Sikora and Simon Dahl were playing a concert, and Dvora happens to have passed by, she  heard them playing and walked in. Then she sang 2 songs with them. That was a a year ago and since then they have been making music together. Now their first CD with the title Gypsy Life is available. 16 tracks are presented on the CD. Well interpreted cover or traditionals, but also own compostions by Dvora Davis (Lorraine Lowe ) and Adam Sikora, songs on poignant topics (as you know it from blues) and current topics (such as the Jobcenter Blues). I can only say, although the band has only been working together for a year, here is a sophisticated album with traditional blues.
In the month of August the moderators of the Bluesroad chose an album from Black Kat and Kittens as Tip Of The Month. National and  International. The album Gypsy Life by Black Kat and Kittens received this award for the month of August – National.


1 Big Nose Blues Man

2 Beautiful City

3 Trouble So Hard

4 Gypsy Life

5 Everythings Change

6 Jobcenter Blues

7  Lord, I Just Can´t Ceep From Crying Sometimes

8 Nobody But You

9 No More Cotton

10 What´s That Smell – It´s Called Being Good

11 Done Good Old

12 God Don´t Ever Change

13 I´m Going Home On The Morning Train

14 Red Dress

15 Bless My Day

16 Black Betty


Dvora’s New Solo Album DEFINITIVE is due to be released Febuary / March 2017 watch this space!!